The effect of alcohol on a woman and her health

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Alcohol affects women and men differently — this is due to the specifics of physiology. Women need a much lower dose of hard liquor to get drunk and much longer to recover. Men and women are physiologically different from each other, so it’s no surprise that alcohol affects them differently. Firstly, the average representative of the «fairer» sex has a more delicate physique and weighs less. Therefore, the allowed amount of alcohol in women is much lower. Secondly, the female body has more fat and less fluid. This means that after the absorption of ethanol, which is the basis of all hot drinks, its concentration in the blood will be an order of magnitude higher. At the expense of adipose tissue, ethanol will be excreted longer, because in adipose tissue it slows down the metabolism. Thirdly, the female liver is unable to produce a lot of dehydrogenase, an enzyme involved in the breakdown of ethanol molecules. Also, the female stomach is not able to intensively synthesize the enzyme that breaks down ethanol, aldehyde dehydrogenase, so the metabolism in women is slower. In general, ethyl catabolism or degradation occurs more slowly in women than in men. The effects of alcohol poisoning are stronger and longer felt by women, even when compared to men of the same weight. Regardless of age, excessive alcohol consumption can cause health problems. Women consume alcoholic beverages to relax, feel more relaxed, or while on holiday with friends and family. There are several features of the effects of alcohol on a woman’s body that you should be aware of before drinking alcoholic beverages: 1) Alcohol worsens the condition of the skin — it dehydrates the tissues and deprives the skin of vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, the skin becomes dull, dry, ages quickly and loses its natural color. The protective and regenerative functions of the epidermis are also impaired by ethanol. 2) Significant weight gain is possible because alcohol is high in calories. About two glasses of wine are equal in calories to a hamburger. Women with alcoholism often wake up at night, their sleep is restless and restless. Ethanol shortens REM sleep, which causes bad dreams and fatigue. 3) Alcohol depresses the central nervous system. After drinking alcohol, women are more likely to have palimpsest, that is, they forget what happened. Tired eyes often express «drinking», but not only by external signs can one determine whether the woman is abusing alcohol. When a small amount of alcohol is released, overdose causes emotional instability and psychological sensitivity. It is common knowledge that pregnant and lactating women should not drink alcohol. But not everyone knows why, and not everyone knows how alcohol affects the overall health of the female reproductive system. Women who are thinking about pregnancy should refrain from alcohol. Even a small dose of ethanol significantly reduces the chances of conception. In addition, alcohol can lead to infertility. When a pregnant woman drinks, alcohol crosses the placenta to the fetus and poisons it, thus increasing the risk of miscarriage and unhealthy childbirth. Alcohol also gets into the baby during breastfeeding. Ethanol affects a woman’s hormonal status: overall estrogen levels rise as a result of these drinks. This means that such problems with the female reproductive system are possible: alcohol can negatively affect a woman’s fertility — the body’s ability to reproduce healthy offspring; drinking alcohol can cause premature menopause; ethanol enhances some of the side effects of menopause, such as night sweats; alcohol can disrupt your menstrual cycle. In addition, alcohol abuse increases the risk of breast cancer and other cancers of the liver, intestines, esophagus, and larynx. The risk of developing breast cancer increases by 6% for every 10 grams of alcohol. Alcohol abuse can cause a number of health problems in women: — Alcohol contributes to the development of liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis, since alcohol destroys the structure of liver cells and reduces the ability of this organ to metabolize; — Women who drink frequently are more susceptible to such diseases; — Women are at greater risk of developing serious alcohol-related brain damage; — the long-term effect of alcohol reduces the performance of the brain and reduces its volume; — even after a small dose of alcoholic beverages, blood pressure rises, and regular alcohol consumption causes the development of cardiovascular diseases; — ethanol disrupts the exchange of trace elements in cells, especially calcium, therefore, in women who drink alcohol, it increases the risk of fractures, cracks and diseases of the composition and skeleton; — drinking alcohol has a negative effect on the digestive system; — since some of the alcohol is absorbed in the stomach, it changes its microflora and damages the mucous membrane, which can cause gastritis, pancreatitis, abdominal pain, vomiting and other problems. Therefore, ladies should pay special attention to observing regular breaks in the use of hot drinks, even if they are taken in small doses!

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